November Homework

  • Reading Homework: 


    Monday: Work on identifying uppercase letters in random order. Have your child tap each letter and say its name.

    Tuesday: Work on recognizing beginning sounds of given pictures.  

    Wednesday: Hear a rhyme/Give a rhyme. Student gives a word to rhyme with link, sip, will and bit

    Thursday: Letter Sounds Recognize the letter sounds for this months letters Mm, Ss, Tt, Aa, Cc, Pp, Nn,Ff, Bb, Ii, Gg, Rr


    Math Homework:

    Monday: Practice counting to at least 60. Have your child point to and say each number as they count. They will be expected to count to 60 before Christmas Break encourage them to count beyond if they're able to. 

    Tuesday: Using a dice, have your child roll a number and try to recognize it instantly without touching and counting it. If you don't have a dice, show a number using your fingers (up to 6) and have them tell you what number you're showing. The goal is for them to do this instantly without touching and counting.

    Wednesday: Using Flash cards, have students recognize the numbers 0-10 and place them in order. 

    Thursday:Compare numbers 0-8. Show them two sets of numbers at a time and ask: Which on has more? Which one has less? Which set is greater? Which set has fewer objects?


    These are the reading and math skills we will be working on throughout the month. Please practice these skills at home as well and continue reading their weekly reader. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your child's teacher.